“Happiest Person Ever Lived”

Hey, do you see him? Do you see his eyes flickering? He got everything, all that he pushed so far, All the colors, and all the honors. He got a friends, who wears nothing but a mile. Who do nothing but laughs. He got games which he played all around. He always takes the weigh... Continue Reading →


Prove them Wrong

Welcome to the downfall. I find myself surrounded, By the voices, by the critics that crawl, Slapping myself, saying, "Hey kid! You can't make it!" "You are nothing but such a dumb shit!" "You're fire is burning out! What can you do now?" So sick and tired of coping with this. Drained to listen so... Continue Reading →

Short Poem Series by Nightbucks

"Reminisce" Close your eyes. Wear a smile. Reminisce everything, Until light binds you in your dream. "Cross - Off" Laid every pessimism to waste, Kill the hate, Bury the anger. Cross-off every hindrances, Going against your way. "Back from the Dead" Stop closing your eyes. Invert the agony you felt inside, To undying valor to... Continue Reading →

Reaching the Horizon

Dedicated to; Chris, Klyde, Kenneth, Vito, Mike, Kuya Jake, Veniece, Alexcis, Loraine, Zeenah, Dana, Lauremce, Gelene, Clydge, Emman, Pauline, and Hannah. Every scar tells a specific story. It shows an open wound of every reality. When I was a kid, my mom told me, "Son, do not run with scissors, Or else, you will hurt... Continue Reading →

Two Distant Worlds

To a person named, "Hann". I have a story to tell. Here, lies as my pen bleeds, with my letters, This is a testimony, written from heart, So, I speak, so I shout with gladness. Who ever thought that two worlds can be united? Out from a long distant places, Different culture perhaps, no one... Continue Reading →

Wastelands of Today

This poem is a tribute happened to Hacienda Luisita Massacre on November 06, 2004 here in the Philippines. 15 years has passed and still there is no justice for the victims of the dreadful event. Under the heavens, taunting voices can be heard. The sun shines so bright, As its gleam gives a fiery feeling,... Continue Reading →

Caught in a Smile

It starts with just a casual conversation like asking favorite music, different hobbies and movies. I never knew that it will bloom into something different that never happened to me before. "Hello", I started typing to my mobile phone. She came with a reply the other day. "Hi there too" "Do you love music?" "Yes",... Continue Reading →

Hiding on the Veil

Can somebody knows what lies ahead? Can somebody knows what the reality is? I remember how you always, Put a simile on my face. You and me , teasing each other, Trying to get around and play. There is an intense emotion binding, It is slowly building inside of me. All the smooth talks, all... Continue Reading →

“Grace Found Me” (H.M.A.)

My pen writes not about a deity, It is not about the realm of spirits, Nor about the Supreme Being. Though, I do not own anything. But somehow, the space I felt, The partiality of my life that I experienced, Now it is whole and I cannot comprehend it. I've got a gift which I... Continue Reading →

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